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Goshen CT water testing servicesDo you need a CT water test on your Goshen drinking water? When you pour yourself a glass of water to drink, it may appear clean, taste good, and you may expect it to be safe. However, many sources of water we assume are safe may contain dissolved minerals, organic compounds or even live organisms at harmful concentrations.

Contaminated water used for drinking and cooking may affect your health. Also, high concentrations of certain minerals in your water can result in quality issues such as unpleasant taste and odors or staining of bathroom fixtures and/or laundry and shorter life spans on water heaters, well pumps, indoor plumbing etc.

According to, the U.S. Geological Survey’s report on test results of private well water from 30 of the nation’s 62 principal aquifers across the United States:

  • one of every five private wells contained one or more contaminants at concentrations exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended limits
  • approximately half of all wells had at least one problem
  • a third of all wells had microbial contamination

The quality and safety of your Goshen, CT drinking water is of concern to many residents today because of an increased interest in health quality and environmental quality. This new focus on water quality has caused individuals accross Connecticut to test their water.

For the most part, government agencies do not monitor or regulate water quality in private wells, and water testing is not required by any federal or state regulation. If you are one of the Goshen residents, with a private well, you are responsible for the quality and safety of your own well water. Even if you have public water, lead is still a concern because most times lead contamination comes from indoor plumbing. Testing your well water quality is important to the health of you and your family.

After installation of a new well, when an unused old well is brought back to service, or after if you home has sat vacant for a significant period of time, make sure that the water is safe to drink. Consult a drinking water specialist in your area.

Do you perform water testing and analysis near me in Goshen, CT? Yes, join the thousands of residents we currently service.

Even if your current water supply is clean and safe to drink, regular testing is important because it establishes a baseline record of water quality that may help solve any problems that arise in the future.

It is advised that you test your well water once each year for total coli form bacteria, and nitrates at minimum. If you suspect other contaminants, then testing for them is also advisable.

After a new well is drilled or an existing well is opened for pump repair, replacement or any other maintenance, test your water for coli form bacteria to ensure that surface water did not enter your well.

Other reasons residents, like you, in Goshen have their water tested are:

  • your well does not meet construction codes, has a deteriorated or damaged well cap, well casing or curbing (concrete slab)
  • family members or guests drinking the well water complain of gastrointestinal ailments
  • anytime a pregnant woman, woman anticipating pregnancy or infant under the age of six months uses well water for drinking
  • you are concerned about the presence of lead pipes or soldering in your home
  • your water or pipes show signs of deterioration (e.g., water with a strange color, odor, taste or consistency, or pipes that are corroded or leaking)
  • your water stains plumbing fixtures and laundry.
  • you notice a water quality change after a heavy rain or an unexplained change in a previously trouble-free well ( funny taste, cloudy appearance, etc.)
  • you spill fertilizers, pesticides, oil, gasoline or other toxic substances on the ground within 500 feet of the well or in the well
  • you have experienced some problems near your well (the area around the wellhead has been flooded or submerged, there have been land disturbances or new waste disposal sites nearby)
  • you notice a substantial development in your area with land uses that handle hazardous chemicals
  • you hear about new contamination problems in your area
  • your neighbors find toxic chemicals in their well water
  • you installed a new treatment system or replaced the main component of the existing one
  • you detected that back-siphoning has occurred due to vacuum break failure or any other reason
  • your water or well system has been contaminated or is suspected to have been contaminated by human or animal waste
  • you discovered that your (or your neighbor’s) septic system leech field is within 100 feet of your well
  • you detected that your heating oil tank or underground fuel tank near the well has leaked

Having your Goshen, Connecticut water test performed by a professional water testing service ensures certified, precise, accurate results because samples are drawn and handled using the proper protocol and treated with the correct measure of care.

This is especially important if you need the results for day care, child care or foster care facilities, real estate transactions (you are buying or selling a home), obtaining a VA, FHA, or USDA refinance loan, or mortgage, food service licencing, certificate of occupancy, new well certification etc.


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